9.9. Check

At malfunction of the oxygen sensor toxicity of the fulfilled gases can sharply increase.
If the oxygen sensor is serviceable, but tension of its signal does not meet standard, be convinced of lack of the following malfunctions of system of regulation of composition of working mix:
– malfunction of nozzles;
– an air suction in the inlet pipeline;
– malfunction of the sensor of a mass consumption of air, valve of a purge of an adsorber and sensor of temperature of cooling liquid;
– malfunction of conducting.

At a sharp otpuskaniye of a pedal of an accelerator after operation of the engine with the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft about 4000 min.-1 fuel supply quickly stops and the HI-SCAN device shows values not higher than 200 mV. By sharp pressing a pedal of an accelerator of the indication will pass 600–1000 mV into an interval. At decrease in turns to idling tension of a signal will fluctuate between intervals of 200 mV and 600–1000 mV. In this case the oxygen sensor can be considered serviceable.