9.10. Nozzles

Nozzles – electromagnetic type. When giving tension (the operating impulse) on a nozzle winding the needle valve of a nozzle opens and fuel under pressure is sprayed to inlet canals where mixes up with the air which is soaked up in the engine. Management of the moment and duration of opening of a nozzle is carried out by the control unit of the engine which operates nozzles on the basis of information obtained from sensors of a control system of the engine. The moment of giving of the operating impulse on nozzles is determined by EBU by signals of the sensor of provision of a bent shaft. For calculation of duration of the operating impulse of EBU uses also information from sensors of temperature of cooling liquid, temperature of the soaked-up air, from the sensor of a consumption of air and the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve. Besides, according to information from system of EBU sensors gives commands or for all nozzles at once (simultaneous injection), or it is consecutive on each of them (consecutive injection). The consecutive injection is almost always made during the operation of the engine in the normal mode, and the simultaneous injection can be made when scrolling the engine by a starter.

Fig. 2.249. Nozzle

Fig. 2.250. Scheme of connections of nozzles with EBU