6.1.12. Removal, check and installation of back drum brakes

Fig. 6.42. Back drum brakes

Remove a back wheel.

Fig. 6.43. Nave of a back wheel

Turn off a nut of fastening and remove a nave together with the brake drum (fig. 6.43).
Remove the lower returnable spring and springs of fixing of blocks.

Fig. 6.44. Brake shoes and regulator assembled

Remove brake shoes and the regulator assembled (fig. 6.44).


Fig. 6.45. Measurement of thickness of brake shoes

Measure thickness of brake shoes (fig. 6.45).
Nominal thickness of a block: 5,14 mm.
Extreme thickness of a block: 1,5 mm.

Fig. 6.46. Measurement of internal diameter of the brake drum

Measure the internal diameter of the brake drum (fig. 6.46).
Check a beating of the brake drum.

Fig. 6.47. Check of completeness of a prileganiye of brake shoes and drum

Check completeness of contact of a block and the brake drum (fig. 6.47).

Internal diameter and limit beating of the brake drum


Fig. 6.48. Places of putting lubricant

Apply special lubricant on the places specified in the drawing (fig. 6.48).

Fig. 6.49. Scheme of installation of a spring of fixing

Establish a finger and a spring of fixing of a brake shoe (fig. 6.49).

Fig. 6.50. Installation of the top returnable spring

Press draft and establish the top returnable spring (fig. 6.50).
After assembly several times press the lever of the drive of the parking brake.