6.1.11. Regulator of pressure of back brakes

Determines pressure in contours of brakes of a forward and back axis for obtaining maximum efficiency of braking and prevention of blocking of back wheels. The valve is not subject to dismantling as its very thin control will be required then.

Working capacity check
Disconnect brake tubes from the main brake cylinder.
To the place of tubes connect one manometer to an entrance of the proportional valve, the second – to an exit.

After installation of manometers pump over the brake system.

Press a pedal of a brake and measure the current pressure on an entrance and an exit of the proportional valve. If value of pressure corresponds provided on the figure 6.40, the valve means in it is serviceable.
Connect into place brake tubes, pump over the brake system.

Fig. 6.40. Characteristic of the proportional valve

The characteristic of the proportional valve is provided for a case of increase in pressure (fig. 6.40).

Installation of the regulator of pressure of back brakes

Fig. 6.41. Main brake cylinder

Install the main brake cylinder, as shown in the figure 6.41.
Tighten nuts of fastening of brake tubes and pump over the brake system.
Moment of an inhaling of a nut of a brake tube: 13–17 N · m, nuts of the proportional valve: 35–55 N · m.