3.3.9. Check of pressure in a hydraulic system of management of the automatic transmission

Warm up the automatic transmission up to the normal working temperature of oil (ATF).
Lift the car on the elevator so that to hang out forward wheels.

Fig. 3.69. Traffic jams for check of pressure in a hydraulic system

Establish a control tachometer for measurement of frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine so that its indications could be considered easily.
Connect an adapter and the manometer (09452-21002 and 09452-21500) to the corresponding openings for check of pressure.
When checking pressure of turning on of the reverse gear (reverse pressure) it is necessary to use the manometer on 3000 kPa.

Fig. 3.70. Openings for installation of the manometer

Measure oil pressure in the automatic transmission (ATF) in each highway under various conditions (fig. 3.70).
Check compliance of the measured sizes to the ranges of nominal rates specified below in table 3.16. If the measured pressure exceeds the limit of the range of nominal rates, execute check and eliminate malfunction according to table 3.17.