8.4.6. Removal and installation of an epiploon of a shaft of the compressor


Fig. 8.77. Removal of a lock ring of an epiploon of a shaft

For replacement of an epiploon of a shaft of the compressor remove the compressor from the car and merge coolant.
Remove a coupling nave from the compressor.
The pointed subject take a felt sealant from a compressor sock.
Carefully remove foreign particles from a compressor sock cavity, having blown it compressed air under low pressure. Then not fleecy fabric carefully clear an internal and external surface of a sock of the compressor of oil and dirt.
By means of a stripper take a lock ring of an epiploon of a shaft from a compressor sock.
1. Insert the end of a stripper into one of openings of a lock ring (a look And).
2. Turn a stripper so that its end and an opening of a lock ring settled down as it is possible closer to a compressor shaft (a look In).
3. Remove a lock ring, the bystry movement having pulled for a stripper up, holding its core at a wall of boring of a sock (a look C).

Fig. 8.78. Installation of special adaptation

Install the device for removal of an epiploon of a shaft (09977-33700) on a shaft of the compressor and shift it in a compressor sock to a contact with an epiploon of a shaft (fig. 8.78).
Bring adaptation head to the internal diameter of an epiploon of a shaft. Holding adaptation hexagon, expand adaptation head in an epiploon, rotating adaptation handle clockwise, then remove an epiploon, having pulled for adaptation.

Check a protective ring for existence of agnails and other defects of a new epiploon. Do not put the damaged protective ring.
Wipe with pure not fleecy fabric a surface of a shaft and a nest under an epiploon in a compressor sock.
Ship a protective ring and an epiploon in pure compressor oil and establish an epiploon on a protective ring by a working edge towards the big diameter of a protective ring.

Fig. 8.79. Installation of an epiploon on a compressor shaft

Establish a protective ring with an epiploon for the end of a shaft of the compressor (fig. 8.79).

Fig. 8.80. Installation of a mandrel

Establish a mandrel for an epiploon press fitting on an end face of a protective ring, then slowly shift an epiploon in a protective ring before landing in a nest (fig. 8.80).
Remove from the compressor a mandrel for a press fitting of an epiploon and a protective ring.
Establish a new lock ring of an epiploon in boring of a sock of the compressor and by means of a stripper bring it to a flute.
Check tightness of installation of an epiploon, having turned a shaft on 10 turns for a coupling nave.
Establish new felt consolidation in a compressor sock.
Install a coupling nave on the compressor as it is stated above in this section.