8.3.4. The module of a safety cushion and the device for inflation of a safety cushion (gas generator)

Are a part of a safety cushion: module of a frontal safety cushion of the driver (DAB) and frontal passenger airbag (RAV), module of a side safety cushion of the driver (DSAB) and side passenger airbag (PSAB).
The device of inflation consists of a gas generator and a bag of a pillow. The gas generator has an electric fuse. At frontal or side crash with the acceleration sufficient for short circuit of contacts of the sensor of acceleration, the control unit gives food to an electrofuse chain. The fuse sets fire to combustible structure, products of burning inflate a pillow bag.
The removed module of a safety cushion has to be stored under the cover of the block directed up. The socket of the block having two latches. The lever of blocking of the socket has to be in the provision of blocking. Position of the socket at storage has to exclude casual damage. Do not stack blocks of pillows one on another.
Never try to measure electrofuse resistance – it can lead to blasting a safety cushion and accident.
Do not allow heating of the module of a pillow to temperature above 93 °C. You do not store a pillow in the conditions of the increased humidity and far from power electric cables.
When carrying out welding works disconnect the safety cushion socket (under a steering column, near the combined switch).