8.3.2. Precautionary measures

Unqualified service of system of passive safety can lead to unauthorized operation of a safety cushion that, in turn, will lead to a trauma of this or that severity.
The mistakes made at unqualified service can lead to failure in the functioning of system at the right time with unpredictable consequences.

Security measures when carrying out service and repair of SRS
1. After transfer of a key of the lock of ignition to position of LOCK and detachments of a negative wire from the accumulator wait for not less than 30 with before getting to further work.
The SRS system is designed in such a way that after shutdown of the accumulator sufficient tension for operation of a safety cushion for a short time remains.
2. After a detachment of the rechargeable battery memory of some electronic devices (hours, radio, etc.) is erased. Before works write down the main settings of the specified devices and restore them after completion of repair.
3. Malfunctions of system of passive safety practically do not prove in any way therefore the main form of diagnostics of system is verification of codes of malfunctions.
4. Always before a detachment of the rechargeable battery read out codes of malfunctions.
5. Never install on the system detail car from other car. Establish only new details.
6. Never disassemble blocks of safety cushions and an hour spring. At malfunction replace wiring of system all plait of wires.
7. If incidentally the component of system fell from more or less decent height or cracks or deformation of the case imtsya, replace this component.
8. After completion of service carry out an inspection of system. The control lamp of SRS in certain cases can indicate malfunction in other chains of systems of the car. If the control lamp was lit, remove codes of malfunctions by means of a tester of HI-SCAN (Pro) right after repair or replacement of defective parts, including a safety lock.
9. When carrying out welding works on the car do not disconnect a cable of the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.