8.3.12. Prednatyazhitel of seat belts (gas generator)

Fig. 8.52. Prednatyazhitel of seat belts

Work of a prednatyazhitel
At front blow under a certain corner in case of collision of the car the electric chain of management of a gas generator in an electronic control unit of SRS which ignites a gas generator electrofuse becomes isolated.
The gas produced by a gas generator vyzyvt a piston premeshcheniye in the case of an inlet collector of a prednatyazhitel (cylinder) which influences a ratchet (rack gear).
The ratchet brings into rotation a piston gear wheel, and the leading gear wheel – planetary gear wheels (planet gears).
At last, the cloth of a seat belt is involved (stretches) rotation of the inertial coil. Thus the prednatyazhitel of a seat belt promotes reduction of probability of getting injured by the driver (or the forward passenger) by a tension of its seat belt. The possibility of movement of the driver (or the forward passenger) forward and his blow about a steering wheel or the dashboard is as a result prevented at collision of the car.