8.2.6. Removal and installation of a windshield

Remove facings of forward racks a body.
Remove an internal rear-view mirror.
Remove screen wiper levers.
Remove a sealant and a cover of a niche of the air intake.

Fig. 8.27. Removal of a sealant of a windshield

Remove a sealant of a windshield (fig. 8.27).

Fig. 8.28. Removal of the remains of glue

Cut off the glue remains by means of adaptation 09861-31100 (fig. 8.28).

Fig. 8.29. Drawing tags on glass and an aperture

In case of reuse of glass apply adjusting tags on glass and I will eat (fig. 8.29).
Remove a windshield.


Fig. 8.30. Alignment of a glue layer

By means of a cutting torch or adaptation 09861-31200 exactly cut off the glue roller to thickness about 2 mm from the surface of gluing of glass on all perimeter of a flange of an aperture (fig. 8.30).

Do not cut off the glue roller to thickness, it is less specified, and take precautionary measures not to damage a paint and varnish covering of a body a cutting torch. At damage restore a layer, having applied finishing paint.

Clear a windshield aperture flange the sponge impregnated with alcohol or means for removal of mastics and degreasing.

Fig. 8.31. Installation of pro-rates

Establish pro-rates in an aperture of a windshield (fig. 8.31).

Fig. 8.32. Drawing tags on glass and a body

Establish a new windshield in an aperture and apply with a soft pencil tags on glass and a body in four places, as shown in the figure 8.32.

Fig. 8.33. Installation of an overlay for a windshield

Establish an overlay of a windshield, watching that there were no gaps (fig. 8.33).

Fig. 8.34. Scheme of a sticker of a rubber insert

On the internal surface of glass on all perimeter of an edge paste the rubber insert serving for deduction of glue at installation of glass (fig. 8.34).

Fig. 8.35. Place of putting glue soil

Apply a thin film of glue soil for glasses on an external surface of a rubber insert (8.35).

Do not touch glass since it can worsen quality of gluing together and to become the leakage reason after installation of a windshield.
You do not apply on glass glue soil for body details.
Do not allow hit on the put glue sheet of water, dust and abrasive particles.

Fig. 8.36. The scheme of putting glue soil on the lower edge of glass

Apply glue soil on the lower edge of glass, as shown in the figure 8.36.

Fig. 8.37. The scheme of putting sealant on glass edges

Apply sealant on glass edges on all perimeter (fig. 8.37).

Put a glue layer no more than in 5 min. after putting glue soil.

Apply a thin film of glue soil for body details on the sealant layer left on a glass aperture flange. After putting glue soil establish glass not later than in 5 min.
By means of suckers 09861-31400 impose a windshield on an aperture, combining the put tags and press glass to a sealant layer.
Remove surplus of glue with the pallet or erase it a gauze. Fill with glue all emptiness on glass perimeter.
Be convinced of tightness of a windshield for what water it with a stream of cold water, watching that a strong stream not to damage a fresh glue layer. Water so that water flew down on glass edges.
At detection of leakages dry the place of a leakage and apply sealant.
Establish earlier removed details.

Within the first hour after installation do not allow hit of water on a windshield.
Do not make trips on the car within the first four hours after installation of a windshield. In need of a trip during the first 8 чдвигайтесь with a small speed. Do not slam with a door force.
Do not allow impact on a body of the big twisting loadings which arise at congresses from a carriageway or departures on it, or during movement along uneven roads.