7.3.1. General information

The system of launch of the engine consists of the rechargeable battery, a starter, the traction relay, the lock of ignition, the switch of blocking of a starter (only models with the automatic transmission), connecting conducting and wires of the rechargeable battery.
At turn of a key of the lock of ignition in situation "START" ("Start-up") through the involving winding of the traction relay of a starter there passes current. The anchor of the traction relay moves the drive lever (fork) which, in turn, enters the leading gear wheel (executed together with the obgonny coupling) in gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel (or the automatic transmission hydrotransformer). At the same time movement of an anchor of the traction relay closes contacts, and the starter begins to scroll a bent shaft of the engine.
For prevention of damage of the starter caused by the high frequency of rotation of an anchor of a starter after start of the engine, the obgonny coupling of a starter brings the leading gear wheel out of gearing.

Fig. 7.53. Starter