7.1.5. Check and cleaning of spark plugs

Disconnect candle wires of high voltage from spark plugs.

At a detachment of a candle wire of high voltage pull for an insulating cap, but not for a wire. Otherwise the wire can be damaged.

By means of a head for removal of candles turn out spark plugs from a head of cylinders.

Be careful, do not allow hit of dirt in engine cylinders through an opening for a spark plug.

Check spark plugs for lack of the defects which are listed below.
1. Damage of the insulator.
2. Burning out of electrodes.
3. Deposit.
4. Damage or crack of a sealing washer.
5. A condition of enamel of the insulator on the end of a candle.

Fig. 7.4. Check of a gap between spark plug electrodes

Check a gap between spark plug electrodes by means of the wire probe and if necessary adjust its (fig. 7.4).
Nominal rate: 1,0–1,1 mm.

Fig. 7.5. Installation of spark plugs

Establish spark plugs and tighten their nominal moment of an inhaling (fig. 7.5).
If candles are tightened by the moment exceeding nominal rate, then damage of a carving to a head of cylinders is possible.
Inhaling moment: 20–30 N · m.