6.1.8. Removal, check and installation of front brake shoes

Fig. 6.18. Forward disk brake: 1 – connecting tube (brake hose and tube assembled); 2 – support of a forward brake assembled; 3 – brake disk


Fig. 6.19. Bolt of fastening of a support

Turn off the lower bolt of a support, lift up and fix it by a wire (fig. 6.19).
Take out brake shoes.

At the removed brake shoes do not press a brake pedal.

Measure thickness of a frictional layer of a block. Be convinced of lack of oiling of a block.

Always replace blocks of brakes of one bridge at the same time. Do not establish a block of different types and manufacturers.

All four blocks are replaced with a set.
When replacing blocks check lack of their deformation. When replacing a spring carefully remove all dirt.

Fig. 6.20. Brake shoes

Check old blocks for deformation and destruction (fig. 6.20).
Block thickness:
Nominal:    11 mm
Limit:    2 mm

Establish in the directing block springs.

Fig. 6.21. Clamps of brake shoes

Establish clamps of brake shoes (fig. 6.21).

The indicator of wear of a block has to be directed to the piston up.

Fig. 6.22. Installation of the piston in a support

By means of the special tool (09581-11000) bring pistons to a support (fig. 6.22).

Fig. 6.23. Components of brake shoes

Establish on laying blocks, as shown in the figure 6.23.

Do not allow hit of lubricant on blocks and a brake disk.

Fig. 6.24. Installation of the lower (directing) support bolt

Establish the lower (directing) bolt of a support and tighten its regulated moment (fig. 6.24).
Moment of an inhaling of 22-32 N · m.