6.1.13. Replacement of the working brake cylinder

Remove brake shoes.
Disconnect a brake tube from the cylinder.

Fig. 6.51. Bolts of fastening of the wheel brake cylinder

Turn off two bolts of fastening and remove the wheel brake cylinder (fig. 6.51).
Remove cylinder cuffs.
Uncover the piston and the piston.

Fig. 6.52. Returnable spring

Remove a returnable spring (fig. 6.52).

Fig. 6.53. Components of the wheel brake cylinder

Before assembly of the wheel brake cylinder check the details which are listed below (fig. 6.53).
The cylinder and the piston – on lack of wear and a rust.
The cylinder case – on lack of cracks and other damages.
Condition of a contact surface of the piston and brake shoes.
Condition of a returnable spring.
Assembly and installation of the brake wheel cylinder are made upside-down.

Before assembly wash out details isopropyl alcohol.
Before installation grease details with pure brake fluid.
Cover and a cuff of the piston repeatedly do not establish.

Be careful, do not lose a steel ball of the drainage union.