2.7.8. Removal, check and installation of fuel nozzles

Fig. 2.270. Fuel nozzles

Dump residual pressure in a fuel-supply line that there was no fuel emission.

To cover the fuel-supply line union with rags to prevent emission of fuel under the influence of residual pressure in a fuel-supply line.

Remove a fuel stage together with nozzles.

At removal of a fuel stage take precautionary measures not to allow loss of nozzles.
At removal of nozzles take measures for the prevention of an effluence of fuel.

Check of technical condition

Fig. 2.271. Check of resistance of a winding of a nozzle

Check nozzle winding resistance, having attached an ohmmeter to its conclusions (fig. 2.271).
Resistance of a winding of nozzles: 15,9±0,35 Ohms at 20 °C.
At discrepancy of resistance to norm replace a nozzle.


Fig. 2.272. Fuel nozzle

Establish a new sealing and heat-shielding ring (fig. 2.272) on a nozzle.
Apply solvent, veretenny oil or gasoline on a sealing ring.

Fig. 2.273. Installation of a nozzle

Establish a nozzle in a fuel stage, turning a nozzle (fig. 2.273) to the left-to the right.
Be convinced of ease of rotation of a nozzle.

The complicated rotation of a nozzle indicates a possible distortion of a sealing ring. Remove a nozzle, insert it into a fuel stage and again check ease of rotation.