fd2baac9 Conditions of storing of codes of malfunction (short-term regulation of composition of mix)

EBU brings one of codes of malfunction in memory and includes a control lamp of malfunction of a control system of the engine if during 30 with in two cycles of driving value of short-term regulation of composition of mix changes for 10–15% towards enrichment (for P01123) or if additional value of short-term regulation less than 0,4 milliseconds, or changes for 10–15% towards impoverishment in the presence of the following conditions:
– EBU works in the closed regulation cycle;
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine is lower than 1000 min.-1;
– temperature of cooling liquid is above 70 °C;
– the system of a purge of an adsorber does not work;
– the mass consumption of air is less than 7,5 g / with (at P01123) or 5,5 g / with (at P1124).