fd2baac9 Conditions of storing of codes of malfunction

Efficiency of catalytic converter is defined by comparison of signals forward and back oxygen sensors. EBU brings a code of malfunction in memory and includes a control lamp of malfunction of a control system of the engine if signals of forward and back sensors in two cycles of driving coincide during 60% of time of two or four 170-second periods of check. Check is made in the presence of the following conditions:
– EBU works in the closed regulation cycle;
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft within 1800–2300 min.-1;
– temperature of catalytic converter is above 372 °C;
– extent of cyclic opening of the electromagnetic valve of a purge of an adsorber more than 0,9;
– there is no gear shifting;
– loading of the engine is in limits of 1,4-4,5 ms.
Conclusion of this code indicates that low efficiency of catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases is determined by signals of forward and back oxygen sensors.