fd2baac9 Conditions of storing of codes of malfunction

EBU brings a malfunction code (the control lamp of malfunction of a control system of the engine does not light up) in memory if in two cycles of driving tension of a signal of the sensor of a detonation falls lower than 650 mV during in 4 with in the presence of the following conditions:
– the starter does not work;
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft is higher than 3000 min.-1;
– temperature of cooling liquid is above 40 °C;
– loading of the engine is more than 2,5 ms.
Conclusion of this code indicates detection of unusual vibration of EBU on detonation sensor signals at normal power setting.


Fig. 2.259. Scheme of check of resistance of the sensor of a detonation

Separate the electric socket of the sensor and check resistance between conclusions of 1 and 2 (fig. 2.259).
Nominal rate: about 5 megohms at 20 °C.
If the ohmmeter shows existence of a chain, replace the detonation sensor.
Detonation sensor inhaling moment: 16–25 N · m.
Check capacity between conclusions 1 and 2.
Nominal rate: 800–1600 пФ.