fd2baac9 Ignition coil

At installation of the ignition key in position of ON ("Ignition") or START ("Starter") tension on the ignition coil moves. The coil of ignition consists of two coils. Each of them is connected by wires of high voltage to spark plugs of the corresponding cylinders. At each working step the coil of ignition generates high-voltage impulses on two spark plugs (the cylinder in a step of compression and the cylinder in a release step). The coil No. 1 operates sparking in the 1st and 4th cylinders, and the coil No. 2 – in the 2nd and 3rd cylinders.
The control unit of the engine provides excitement of primary windings of coils by their connection with "weight". The moment of giving of the operating signal on coils of ignition is determined by EBU by signals from the sensor of provision of a bent shaft. During the giving and removal of tension on primary winding in a secondary winding the impulse of high voltage which moves on the corresponding spark plug is induced.

Fig. 2.254. Ignition coil

Fig. 2.255. Scheme of connections of the coil of ignition and EBU

Fig. 2.256. Scheme of connections of the fuel pump