fd2baac9 Working capacity check aurally

Fig. 2.251. Check of nozzles by means of a stethoscope

By means of a stethoscope listen to clicks of work of nozzles idling (fig. 2.251).
Make sure that the frequency of repetition of clicks increases with growth of frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of the engine.

You make listening so that clicks were not transferred on a fuel stage to an idle nozzle from the next nozzle.

Fig. 2.252. Check of operability of a nozzle finger

In the absence of a stethoscope check work of nozzles, putting to them a finger (fig. 2.252).
If at the same time vibration is not felt, check the electric socket, a nozzle or arrival of the managing director of a signal from the control unit of the engine.