fd2baac9 Causes of defect

1. Insufficient pressure of fuel and leak of fuel through nozzles can be the possible cause of the complicated launch of the hot engine.
2. If nozzles do not work when scrolling the engine with a starter, check whether there are no following malfunctions:
– malfunction of a power-supply circuit to Eb or chain of connection with "weight";
– malfunction of the main relay of a control system of the engine;
– malfunction of the sensor of provision of a bent shaft or sensor of position of the camshaft.
3. If turns of idling of the engine do not change at serial shutdown of nozzles, check the following on the corresponding cylinder:
– nozzles and their wires;
– spark plugs and wires of high voltage;
– a compression in the cylinder.
4. If the system of injection is serviceable, but duration of injection does not meet standard, check existence of the following malfunctions:
– whether mix completely burns down (whether spark plugs, the ignition coil, whether a normal compression in engine cylinders, etc. are serviceable).
5. The control lamp of malfunction burns or on the HI-SCAN device the malfunction code in the following cases is removed:
– the nozzle is faulty.
Working capacity check
By means of the HI-SCAN device:
– serially include nozzles;
– check fuel injection duration nozzles.