fd2baac9 Conditions of storing of codes of malfunction (P0133 code)

The control unit of the engine brings the P0133 code in memory and the control lamp of malfunction of a control system of the engine lights up if in two cycles of driving of EBU the parameters specified below are not defined.
1. Within 2 min. EBU the coefficient of compensation of a fuel component of mix has to define more than 85% or less than 95%.
2. EBU has to make some correction of fuel-air mix when:
– frequency of rotation of a bent shaft is in limits of 1600-3200 min.-1;
– loading of the engine is in limits of 1,35-3,4 ms;
– temperature catalytic converter is above 372 °C;
– the system is in the closed regulation cycle.
Conclusion of this code indicates that EBU does not correct properly structure fuel воздуш - ache mixes on signals of the forward oxygen sensor or does not correct it with the required frequency after warming up of the engine or at normal power setting.