2.7.2. Check of technical condition (Check of frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of the engine idling)

Before check of idling check serviceability of spark plugs, nozzles, the idling regulator, a compression in engine cylinders.

Check conditions:
– Temperature of cooling liquid has to be within 80–85 °C;
– Lighting, the electric fan of the cooling system of the engine and all service equipment have to be switched off;
– install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation (on cars with the automatic transmission install the selector lever in situation "P" or "N");
– establish a steering wheel in the situation corresponding to the rectilinear movement (only for cars with the amplifier of steering).
Attach a control tachometer to primary winding of the coil of ignition (follow indications of the maintenance instruction of a tachometer) or attach the HI-SCAN device to electric to the socket of a data line.
Start the engine and let's it work idling.
Increase the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft up to 2000–3000 min.-1 for the period of more than 5 with, then let's work to the engine idling within 2 min.
Check on a tachometer the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling
Frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling has to correspond to the values given in the table 2.16 "Data for Check".