2.7.13. Service regulations of cars with catalytic converter in system of production of the fulfilled gases

To avoid damage of the sensor of concentration of oxygen (lambda probe) and catalytic converter it is necessary to follow the following instructions:
It is obligatory to refuel unleaded gasoline.
If ethylated fuel was by mistake filled in, it is necessary to replace a final collector and catalytic converter. Before installation of new elements of system of release not less than 2 times should be filled completely the fuel tank with unleaded gasoline.
Start of the heated-up engine straight off or towage is inadmissible. It is necessary to use an electric cable for start of the engine. Not burned down fuel at ignition can lead to an overheat of catalytic converter and to its subsequent destruction.
It is necessary to avoid the frequent cold start-up following one by one. Otherwise, in catalytic converter not burned down fuel which is burning down when heating with explosion at the same time gathers converter is damaged.
In case of difficulties at launch of the engine do not allow a starter to work long as during start-up there is a fuel injection. It is necessary to find and eliminate malfunction, and then to launch the engine.
At interruptions in work of system of ignition before definition of a cause of defect do not allow injection of fuel at launch of the engine.
Do not check existence of a spark at the removed spark plug tip.
It is impossible to carry out balance test by shutdown of a high-voltage wire of ignition of one of cylinders. At shutdown of a high-voltage wire of ignition of the separate cylinder – even by means of a special tester – not burned down fuel will get to catalytic converter.
At interruptions in work of system of ignition avoid operation of the engine with high frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. Eliminate malfunction as soon as possible.
Do not leave the car on the dried foliage or a grass. The system of production of the fulfilled gases in an installation site of catalytic converter has very high temperature and radiation of heat occurs even after switching off of the engine.
During the filling or a doliva of engine oil it is necessary to watch that the maximum level of oil on the probe was not exceeded. Otherwise, excess oil can get to catalytic converter and damage a covering or completely destroy it.