2.7.12. Cars with catalytic converter in system of production of the fulfilled gases

Cars of Hyundai are serially equipped with catalytic converter. Availability of catalytic converter demands obligatory use of unleaded gasoline. Cars with the operated catalytic converter have to be equipped with the device of an adjustable smeseobrazovaniye, besides.
The device of an adjustable smeseobrazovaniye is understood as system of injection of fuel in which the relation fuel / air can constantly change depending on service conditions and the content of oxygen in the fulfilled gases.
The device of a smeseobrazovaniye receives teams of management from the sensor of concentration of oxygen (lambda probe) which is installed before catalytic converter or in a final collector and is blown by a stream of exhaust gases, the lambda probe is the electric sensor registering the residual content of oxygen in the fulfilled gases and the giving-out corresponding electric signal. The size of a signal allows to draw a conclusion on composition of working mix. In fractions of a second the lambda probe can give the corresponding signal on an electronic control unit, at the expense of it the composition of working mix can constantly be corrected. It on the one hand is necessary as service conditions (for example, full gas, idling), on the other hand constantly change because optimum reburning happens in catalytic converter only if in the fulfilled gases there is enough particles of carbon (not burned down gasoline).
So that at a temperature of +300... +800 °C in catalytic converter in general could occur reburning, the fulfilled gases have to contain bigger amount of fuel, than it is required for full combustion in engine cylinders. In this regard, at operation of the car equipped with the engine with catalytic converter, fuel consumption increases approximately by 5%. Catalytic converter is in a motor compartment of the car in the place of the forward muffler. Catalytic converter consists of the ceramic cellular block covered with noble metal catalyst: platinum or rhodium. For fastening of the ceramic block, sensitive to blows, the elastic heat resisting wire grid is used.
The used catalytic converter represents the so-called 3rd component catalyst. It means that in converter at the same time there is an oxidation of carbon monoxide (SO) and hydrocarbons (SN), and also reduction of content of nitrogen oxides (NOx).