2.7.11. Check of tightness of system of production of the fulfilled gases

On cars with adjustable catalytic converter leakage of connections of system of release in front of the sensor of concentration of oxygen (lambda probe) can lead to the following malfunctions:
– difficulties at launch of the engine;
– the engine becomes deaf;
– uneven operation of the engine idling;
– breakthroughs at acceleration.

Check condition
The engine cold or has hand temperature.
The source of compressed air is necessary for check.
Start the engine and listen on the working engine to system of production of the fulfilled gases on existence of untight places.
Kill the engine.
Insert the gun of a source of compressed air (compressor) into an exhaust pipe and condense with a rag.
Establish pressure of compressed air of equal 6 bars. Turn on the gun.
Cover junctions of a head of the block of cylinders and a final collector, a final collector and a reception pipe of the muffler, a reception pipe of the muffler and catalytic converter with means for search of places of leaks and check for formation of bubbles.
Eliminate leakage of system of release.