2.7.1. Main malfunctions and their reasons

It is important to begin check of the engine on existence of malfunctions with the main systems. With one of the following malfunctions: (A) the engine is not started, (In) the engine unstably idles or (C) the engine has no sufficient acceleration performance – first of all to check:
1. Serviceability of chains of power supply
– Rechargeable battery
– Fusible inserts
– Safety locks
2. Connections with "weight"
3. Fuel supply
– Fuel-supply lines
– Fuel filter
– Fuel pump
4. System of ignition
– Spark plugs
– Wires of high voltage
– Ignition coil
5. System of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
– System of compulsory ventilation of a case
– Leakage of depression
6. Other
– Ignition advancing corner
– Idling
Malfunctions of the control system of the engine (CSE) with the distributed injection often are connected with bad contact in connections of wires. It is necessary to check surely all connections of wires and to be convinced of their reliability.