2.6.3. Removal, check and installation of the air filter

Fig. 2.203. Air filter and its components

Disconnect an inlet air duct from the air filter.
Disconnect the air temperature sensor socket in an inlet collector.
Disconnect an inlet air hose from the air filter.
Uncover the air filter and take the filtering element.

Fig. 2.204. Removal of the air filter

Turn off bolts of fastening of the case of the air filter and remove the case (fig. 2.204).

Check the case, a cover and the filtering element of the air filter for lack of deformation, corrosion or damages.
Check an inlet air duct for absence of damage.
Check the resonator for lack of deformation or damages.

Fig. 2.205. Cleaning of the air filter of dirt

Check the filtering element for lack of a contamination, pollution or damages. If the filtering element is slightly polluted or littered, then remove dust and other pollution, having blown it compressed air outside (from the party turned to an inlet collector) (fig. 2.205).
Check other details of the air filter for lack of a contamination, pollution or damages.

Install the air filter assembled as it should be, the return to removal.