2.4.5. Removal, check and installation of the thermostat

Fig. 2.182. Thermostat components

Merge cooling liquid so that its level was below the thermostat.
Remove an inlet branch pipe of the cooling system and laying.
Remove the thermostat.


Fig. 2.183. Immersion of the thermostat in a water bathtub

Place the thermostat in hot cooling liquid or water and check that temperature of opening of the valve of the thermostat corresponds to nominal rate. Replace if necessary (fig. 2.183).
Temperature began opening of the valve: 82 °C.
Temperature of full opening of the valve: 95 °C.
Valve stroke (at full opening): 8,5 mm.

Check correctness of landing of a flange of the valve of the thermostat in a thermostat case nest. If the thermostat is installed incorrectly, then its lower part will touch an edge in the bringing branch pipe that will lead to violation of operation of the thermostat.
Establish the taking-away branch pipe with new laying.
Fill in fresh cooling liquid in system.