2.2.1. Check of the block of cylinders

Remove a head of cylinders, a GRM drive belt, the case of the oil pump, a flywheel, pistons and a bent shaft.

Fig. 2.20. Oil pressure sensor switch

Remove the sensor switch of pressure of oil (fig. 2.20).
Check the block of cylinders for lack of chips, corrosion, deposits of a scum and rust. Besides, check lack of cracks and other damages. Replace the block of cylinders at detection of major defects.

Fig. 2.21. Check of the block of cylinders on a buckling

By means of a testing ruler and the flat probe check a buckling of the privalochny plane of the block of cylinders under laying. Before check be convinced that the surface of the block of cylinders is cleared of the remains of old laying and foreign particles (fig. 2.21).
Nominal rate: 0,03 mm or are less.
Maximum permissible value: 0,15 mm or are less.

Fig. 2.22. Measurement of diameter of cylinders

Measure diameter of cylinders by means of the indicator-nutromera in three belts on height in the directions "A" and "B" (fig. 2.22).
If not roundness (ovality) or conicity of the cylinder is more than maximum permissible value, or on a mirror of the cylinder there are scratches or traces of jamming (tease), then cylinders of the block should be chiseled in the corresponding repair size and to otkhoningovat. After repair of the block of cylinders install pistons and piston rings of the corresponding repair size.
Nominal diameter of the cylinder: 76,50–76,53 mm.
Maximum permissible conicity of the cylinder: 0,01 mm or are less.
If on cylinder perimeter at its top part there is a flow (grebnevy wear), remove it by means of the special tool.
Pistons of four repair (increased) sizes are issued.
Repair size and tag of the piston:
0,25 mm – 0,25;
0,50 mm – 0,50;
0,75 mm – 0,75;
1,00 mm – 1,00.
At repair (boring and a honingovka) of cylinders in the repair size calculate diameter of boring of the cylinder so that as a result of repair the nominal gap between the piston and the cylinder was provided. Check that all installed pistons of one repair size.
Standard measurements of diameter of the piston are performed at distance of 47 mm from the piston bottom.
Gap between the piston and the cylinder (the set limit for new details): 0,025–0,045 mm.