2.1.2. Replacement of engine oil

On the cars equipped with engines with catalytic converter it is necessary to watch that oil level on the masloizmeritelny probe was not above a maximum mark. If in the car with catalytic converter too much oil was filled in, its excess part has to be removed from a case by means of discharge or a suction (the special vacuum pump), otherwise not burned down oil will get into system of production of the fulfilled gases and can destroy catalytic converter.

Start the engine and warm up it up to the working temperature.
Kill the engine.

Fig. 2.2. Drain stopper of the oil pallet

Uncover a maslozalivny mouth and turn off a drain stopper of the oil pallet. Merge engine oil (fig. 2.2).
Establish and tighten a drain stopper the nominal moment of an inhaling.
Moment of an inhaling of a drain stopper: 35–45 N · m.
Fill in in the engine fresh engine oil through a maslozalivny mouth.
Filling capacity without replacement of an oil filter – 3 l, with replacement of an oil filter – 3,3 l.
Establish a cover of a maslozalivny mouth.
Start the engine and let's it work.
Kill the engine and check the level of engine oil. If necessary add oil.