2.1.1. Check of level of engine oil

Install the car on the flat horizontal platform.
Warm up the engine.

If the car long time was on the parking, then warm up the engine approximately within 20 min.

Kill the engine, wait 2–3 min. and then check the level of engine oil.

Fig. 2.1. Masloizmeritelny probe

Check compliance of level of engine oil to the admissible range specified on the oil probe of the engine. If the level of engine oil reaches the minimum value (a tag of "L") or is below it, then add oil to a tag of "F" (fig. 2.1).

For filling use engine oil which type coincides with type of the oil which is filled in in the engine.

Check lack of pollution of engine oil or impurity of cooling liquid and gasoline in oil. Make sure that engine oil has the corresponding viscosity.