1.7.18. Check and replacement of fuses

Replacement of a fusible insert
In case of an overload of an electric chain the fusible insert fuses, thereby preventing damages of all plait of wires. (It can be caused by short circuit or current of too big force). For simplification of their check fusible inserts are located in the relay block.

Fig. 1.178. Replacement of a fusible insert

When replacing a fusible insert use only a new fusible insert with the same or lower value of rated current. Do not use a wire or a fusible insert with higher value of rated current. It can lead to serious damage and cause the fire.

Replacement of fusible inserts of chains of the service equipment

Fig. 1.179. Block of safety locks

The block of the safety locks protecting chains of lighting and other electric equipment is located under the dashboard opposite to a seat of the driver (fig. 1.179).
In the block there is a table of the protected chains.

Fig. 1.180. A stripper for safety locks

If any of lamps of the car or electric equipment ceased to work, the fused safety lock can be the cause of it. If the safety lock fused, the metal strip in it breaks. To replace a fusible predokhraniyetel, open the block of safety locks and check integrity of each safety lock. Take out each safety lock, having pulled it on themselves (for simplification of this operation in the block of safety locks there is a special stripper) (fig. 1.180).
Replace the fused safety lock on new with the same value of rated current. The safety lock has to be densely inserted.
If there is no spare safety lock, then it is possible to establish temporarily a safety lock with the same value of rated current, having taken out it from a chain of the equipment without which it is possible to do temporarily (for example, the safety lock protecting chains of the radio receiver or the lighter). Do not forget to insert the removed safety lock back.

Fig. 1.181. An example of the normal and fused safety locks

The fused safety lock indicates malfunction in an electric chain. If the safety lock established recently through short time fuses again, then it is necessary to address experts for identification of a cause of defect and its elimination. Never install the fuse with value of rated current established by technical requirements, and also any substitutes of safety locks any more. It can lead to an overheat of an electrical wiring and cause the fire.