1.7.1. Before start of the engine

Examine the car regarding lack of punctures of tires, spots of oil or water and other visible signs of possible malfunctions.
After landing in the car be convinced that the parking brake is switched on.
Make sure that all glasses and headlights pure.
Make sure that all external and internal rear-view mirrors pure and are correctly adjusted.
Check correctness of adjustment of a back and head restraint of a seat.
Block all doors.
Fasten a seat belt and be convinced that all passengers fastened the belts.
Switch off all lighting and the additional equipment which is not used.
After turn of the ignition key in the provision of "ON" ("Incl.") be convinced that all necessary control lamps and in the fuel tank enough fuel burn.
Check correctness of work of all control lamps after turn of the ignition key in the provision of "ON" ("Incl.").