1.6.4. A seat belt with a prednatyazhitel (the additional equipment)

The car can be equipped with seat belts with a prednatyazhitel for the driver and the forward passenger. Purpose of such belt consists in ensuring accurate fixing of the passenger in certain cases at frontal blow. Prednatyazhitel of a seat belt can separately work, and also together with inflatable safety cushions at frontal blow of sufficient force.

Fig. 1.123. Operation of a seat belt in an emergency

In usual conditions the seat belt with a prednatyazhitel works in the same way as a belt with the standard mode of blocking (E.L.R). (In case of sharp braking of the car the belt will be blocked. It will be also blocked in case the passenger sharply bends forward.) However, at frontal blow of average or big force the prednatyazhitel instantly involves a seat belt. It helps to record accurately the passenger a seat belt and to reduce distance between them.

Fig. 1.124. System of seat belts with a prednatyazhitel: 1 – control lamp of SRS; 2 – prednatyazhitel of a seat belt assembled; 3 – SRS electronic control unit

The system of seat belts with a prednatyazhitel consists of the components shown in the figure 1.124.

In the reaction time of prednatyazhitel of seat belts a small amount of smoke is allocated and there is a strong cotton. These phenomena are normal and are not dangerous. Despite the fact that this smoke is not poisonous it is not necessary to inhale it as it can cause irritation or cough. After operation of prednatyazhitel of seat belts carefully wash up a face and hands.

After turn of the ignition key in the provision of "ON" ("Incl.") a control lamp of additional system of passive safety of SRS (inflatable safety cushions) blinks during about 6 with then dies away. It occurs from - and the fact that the sensor activating inflatable safety cushions of SRS is switched on in a chain of prednatyazhitel of seat belts.
This lamp also lights up if the seat belt with a prednatyazhitel is faulty.

Of seat belts are developed by Prednatyazhiteli for single use. After operation prednatyazhitel of seat belts change. All seat belts have to be replaced after the road accident (accident), irrespective of seat belt type.

After operation of a prednatyazhitel of a seat belt assembled some details of a prednatyazhitel will be hot. Do not touch them within several minutes.
Do not try to check or replace independently mechanisms of seat belts with a prednatyazhitel.
Do not strike prednatyazhitel of seat belts. Do not try to serve or repair independently system of seat belts with prednatyazhitel.