1.5.1. Sitema of ventilation of salon

Fig. 1.71. Deflectors of an obduv of interior of the car: 1 – side deflector; 2 – central deflector; 3 – deflectors of an obduv of a windshield

To include system of ventilation, install the switch of the modes in the provision of an intake of external air.
To direct air via control panel deflectors, set the mode of an obduv "to the area of the head".
Establish the necessary speed of the fan.
Install the switch of adjustment of air temperature in the necessary situation from "Cool" ("cold air") to "Warm" ("hot air").

Central deflectors
The central deflectors are located on the center of the control panel. The direction of a stream of the air passing through it can be regulated with the help a rychazhka, the deflector located in the center.

Side deflectors
Force of the air stream passing through side deflectors can be regulated by means of the switches which are under them. Side deflectors can be also completely closed that air did not pass through them at all. to change the direction of an air stream, turn the handle of management which is in the middle of the side deflector in desirable situation.