1.3.12. External zayerkat a rear view with the electric drive

Fig. 1.51. Control panel of external rear-view mirrors

External rear-view mirrors can be regulated in any direction to have the best review behind. By means of the switch of external rear-view mirrors with remote control it is possible to adjust both the right, and left mirrors (fig. 1.51).

Fig. 1.52. Adjustment of a tilt angle of external rear-view mirrors

To adjust the provision of a mirror translate a choice rychazhok to the right or to the left to activate the adjusting mechanism of the corresponding mirror. It is possible to adjust a mirror tilt angle, pressing on the relevant party the switch buttons, as shown in the figure 1.52.

Avoid excessively long pressing the switch. Soskrebyvaniye of ice from a front part of a mirror can lead to emergence of scratches on it. For removal of ice use a sponge, soft fabric or the anti-icer allowed for use. Be careful at assessment of the size and distances to any object seen in an external rear-view mirror from the forward passenger. This rear-view mirror has a convex surface. Therefore the objects reflected in it look less and more remote, than actually.

Heater of external rear-view mirrors (additional equipment)

Fig. 1.53. Switch of a heater of back glass

By pressing the switch of a heater of back glass also heating of external rear-view mirrors (fig. 1.53) joins.
For elimination of their fogging or frosting press the switch of a heater of back glass. Glasses of mirrors will heat up that will provide the good review behind under any weather conditions. to switch off a heater, press the switch of a heater of back glass once again. The heater of external rear-view mirrors is disconnected automatically in 20 min.

Folding of external rear-view mirrors

Fig. 1.54. Folding of external rear-view mirrors

To put external rear-view mirrors, press them towards a back part of the car (fig. 1.54).
External side rear-view mirrors can be pressed to glasses of doors of the car at the parking in bottlenecks.

Do not regulate the provision of external rear-view mirrors during the movement of the car. It can lead to loss of control over the car and the road accident (accident) with serious or deadly consequences or to damage of property.