1.3.11. Power windows (additional equipment)

Fig. 1.49. The control panel of window regulators on the driver's door

Power windows work if the ignition key is in the provision of "ON" ("Vkl."). The main switches of window regulators are located in an armrest of a door of the driver (fig. 1.49).
They operate window regulators of forward and back doors on both sides of the car. Glasses can be opened and closed pressing the corresponding switch of a window regulator. To discover glass of a door of the driver, press the switch 1 down. Glass falls the switch is still pressed.

Fig. 1.50. Button of blocking of window regulators

For blocking of window regulators the special switch (fig. 1.50) is provided in an armrest of a door of the driver.
To disconnect window regulators, press the blocking switch.

Automatic full lowering of glass of a door (driver)
Having pressed this switch, it is possible to lower completely glass of a door of the driver and to stop glass in desirable situation again press the switch.

Before using a window regulator be convinced that the rising glass will not clamp the head, hands, fingers and so forth.
It is forbidden to press at the same time the main and auxiliary switches of a window regulator in opposite directions. Otherwise glass will stop and will not be able to be closed or open.
Do not leave in the car unguarded the child. Do not leave the car, without having taken out a key from the ignition lock.