1.2. Keys and locks of doors

Electronic immobilizer (anticreeping system of blocking of start of the engine) (additional equipment)
Locks of doors
Anticreeping system (additional equipment)
Back door

Fig. 1.6. Car keys

For bigger convenience all locks of the car open one key. However, as doors can be blocked without use of a key, it is recommended to carry with itself a spare key to use it if you incidentally lock a key in own car (fig. 1.6).

Fig. 1.7. Number plate of keys

Remember (write down) number of a key. that strangers could not recognize him, number выштампован not on the key, and on the removed number plate (fig. 1.7).
You store a number plate in the safe place separately from keys out of the car.
If additional keys are necessary or keys are lost, their duplicates can be made only by the official dealer of Hyundai.